Here's a few potpourri items for you. Think of it as the best of Team Howard, but really compact and nowhere near as knowledgeable version.  It's the like the time you stuck your sibling in a closet and got in trouble for it, but this time it's blame-free!

Here you'll find some helpful guides for the new or veteran digital dining user. Steve made them, you can thank him with a high-five next time you see him. He also accepts mental high-fives. We're not really picky.

These are the more official ones. Steve didn't make them however. So no high-fives for him. They are in .exe format, so don't worry you're not downloading a virus; just a piece of mind.


LRS Pager Information!

User Manual

Setup Guide

We get a lot of questions about the size of the system. So we thought this may help for your space issues you may have.


One of our many attempts to save our clients money, and some headaches. Keep in mind, this is for thermal printers.

If you're a more advanced learner, this is something for you right here! Serial and IP printer settings for registers or kitchens or standalones.


We love'em, and so do your customers.  Did you know that Gift Cards are the most popular gifts to give around? Steve makes them with love, like a 6'6 version of Santa Claus.

One of the biggest questions we get now is: "How do I clean the red glowing thingy?" well that's the U.are.U fingerprint reader. If you follow these instructions the mystery of cleaning it shall be learned!