Here's some more potpourri items for you, but as the title suggests: Micros related. We've compiled a few choice items based on call volume that we think just might do the trick for all of you who still love your Micros system. Think of it as Bob Howard's brain if it was made into a Cliff Notes version, ready to help you pass that big mid-term you never really wanted to take; but it was an elective class so you kind of needed to take it to get your diploma and make your parents happy.   

We got both kinds: System and Video! These items are both pretty important, we recommend printing them out because having them could save you a few bucks.

This section is filled with Keyboard Templates, Charts, and Tables. They're all just like mom used to make, well if your mother was Bob Howard, and she passed the task of making them to an underling..

In this section you'll find instruction on changing your taxes as per your corresponding system. There was no clever quip for this section, and worry not the people responsible for making the quip have been flogged. 

This section touches base on one of the most important things in a kitchen or restaurant in general: The Printer. We summed it up into three small sections. Joking aside, this is the one topic our Micros calls are on. Save yourself a headache and take a look!

You know when you go to a website, and you find some oddball link that leads you to something you have no idea the meaning of? Yeah, this is one of those links. We wouldn't worry about it.

An FAQ means "Frequently Asked Questions", it does not however mean: "For a Quagmire" Giggity. It is on the navigation bar to the left, but we sincerely would like you to take a peek at it. It's filled with answers to a lot of questions we get on a daily basis.