Alot of people don't know this, but those cabinets you see at any of
our installs, are really a labor of love. The love of one man, some power
tools, a couple buckets of paint, some planks of wood and one hired lackey to
carry it all. There's a lot that goes into our installations for new and existing clients,
and we just wanted to show how far we go for our clients, to make that
big difference for your Point of Sale System. And now ladies and gentlemen,
for your viewing pleasure, Cabinet Construction: A Step By Step Picturebook.


Step One: You'll need a lackey and some wood planks. If you happen to stock-pile
tupperware bins, you'll need to have your lackey put the wood on the bins.
Note: Make sure when someone takes a picture, you look winded, that way
when people visit your website they'll think you did it.


Step Two: Begin cutting the wood into seperate pieces. We use a power saw.


Step Three: Begin painting planks of wood. If you're busy, this is where a lackey
comes into play. Lackey's may mess up cutting the wood, but painting is a snap.
Bribery is a good way to leave this part to someone else as well.


Step Four: Let the paint dry. When the paint is dry you can continue on to cutting the
pieces for any cabinet you need. We however cannot give those dimensions away.