We are pleased to announce that Team Howard is now offering a fanless POS
Touchscreen Terminal. After researching several brands, we decided the
Posiflex brand has a long proven history of innovative design and reliability.

After many years of offering a modular only architecture approach, we have
finally found what we were waiting for, a POS Terminal that is fast, designed
well, and has a great record of reliability. This is Team Howard's first POS
Terminal that is built as an "All-in-One" (AIO) offering.

We didn't have to sacrifice either. The Posiflex KS6215 offers fanless technology,
15" Touchscreen, Mag Swipe Reader (MSR), Finger Print Scanner, Cable
Management, Base stand or Wall Mountable and comes with Team Howard's
standard one year warranty.

The dimensions for the AIO is 17" Wide ( With Magstripe Reader ), 15" Height, and 14" Deep.

View the KS6215 Brochure. Here!