What an opening! The latest Recovery Sports Grill has opened on Hoosick Str. in Troy, NY. This Recovery Sports Grill is very much like the others… Big Bar...Great Food…and Lots of Big Flat screen TV’s.  Wow, did the public come out to support this new restaurant that’s located inside the brand new Hilton Garden Inn. For the City of Troy, it represents lots of effort to get a Hotel within City limits. It’s a beautiful building and very noticeable as you head up Hoosick Str. but it’s not so far up Hoosick that you dread the traffic. Access from 787, Rte 9 and the Northway is a snap. The Recovery Sports Grill was absolutely jammed opening night. The kitchen staff did a great job getting food out in a timely fashion. The Bartenders were fantastic and quick behind the bar and the food servers handled the crowd with great poise. Hats off to the entire staff at BBL as this was one of the busiest openings I have ever attended in the past 25 years (it reminded me of Creo’s opening). The staff’s steady performance was an indication that the training process BBL has instituted at their Recovery Sports Grills is working very well. Congratulations to BBL’s Ken Waldie for a job well done.

Naturally this site is using the Digital Dining POS system. The Recovery Sports Grill is using six of our new Posiflex Fanless POS Touchscreen Terminals. As seen on our website, we mounted one Posiflex to the wall just inside the patio door and it looks great.

The Recovery Sports Grill also has four 17” QSR Displays in the kitchen for food production. The Digital Dining POS system has a seamless interface with QSR Automation’s KDS software. Food orders are automatically timed by the QSR system. Each menu item in the Digital Dining database has a cook time associated with it, when servers order food, the QSR system sends food items to the kitchen video screens based upon the cook times. For example, a well done burger arrives on the grill station’s QSR screen 2 minutes before a medium rare burger. Training becomes easier in the kitchen as well, once staff is trained on how to prepare food items, tell them “if it appears on the screen prepare it”. The Recovery Sports Grill has three stations in the kitchen and one 19” Expo screen. This process eliminates the need for kitchen staff to post and read prep tickets and they no longer need to concern themselves with other food items associated with that table’s food order. If cook times are accurate, everything arrives in the expo window at the same time, albeit without all the yelling we’ve grown accustomed to many kitchens. Increased efficiency and reduced labor costs are only a sample of what the QSR system delivers. Owners also get back office reports that detail the kitchen’s effectiveness as it relates to cook times. With printers, the only way to analyze the kitchen staffs performance is to stand there and watch them. Armed with the detailed reports from the QSR system, you will now be able to develop standards that all kitchen personnel must strive to meet. This doesn’t mean you’re becoming McDonalds. It simply means you can improve food output, timing, your guest experience all while reducing kitchen chatter, mistakes, rush orders and paper/ribbon costs.

After opening night, the Recovery Sports Grill Mgmt realized they needed guest pagers for there were so many people waiting for tables. Team Howard installed Long Range Systems (LRS) Guest Coasters to handle that concern.

Guests of the Hilton Garden Inn may charge meals to their Hotel room when dining at the Recovery Sports Grill, and there was plenty of that opening weekend as the Hotel also appeared to be at full occupancy.