Another home run for Mike Diraddo. Wolf's 1-11 located at 111 Wolf Road in Colonie NY
goes live with Digital Dining and QSR!
With over 16000 sq. ft. of dinning and gaming fun,
it a place for the whole family. If you are looking for a great place for a meal or a great
place to hang out stop by.

You can find out more here: Wolf's 1-11

The dining room has some very warm tones.
Not to mention you could play a small football scrimmage in there

The bar area is much of the same tones and colour schemes,
but the seven televisons set the bar miles away from the dining room.
Even though they are right next door!

Cabiniet. What cabiniet? We don't need no stinkin cabiniet!

Ok, we need a stinkin cabiniet.

The QSR in the kitchen saves on paper and time.

But, QSR does not save on staff. You still need them. Well, until someone
pony's up for the robotic arms module for QSR. If robotic arms works for NASA, it can work for you


Disclaimer: There really isn't a robotic arm for QSR, but if you'd like to fund a robotic arm please contact us.